I have one of these enlargers and they are an incredible but complex piece of equipment. My first piece of advice is that when you get it don't get carried away trying it out until you have the instructions. Calibration of this enlarger requires some work for both colour and B&W and the instructions are necessary. You can get a good copy of the manuals from http://www.stonemills.net/inventory.html. The operating manual is a must but you shouldn't need the service manual unless there are serious problems with the electronics and then you better have a good knowledge of that field if you are going to service it yourself. Also when getting a manual make sure it is for the right model. If this is the AC800, the ELITE or the AF model make sure that is the manual you get. The enlarger is for printing 35mm to 6x9 colour negs, B&W negs and transparencies. To do all three you will need 50mm, 80mm and 105mm lenses and the appropriate lens boards, neg carriers and light boxes. These are not hard to come by and Stonemills should have some parts in their inventory. They also show up on Ebay often for a decent price. B&H also has some of the negative masks on their site. If the enlarger didn't come with any of these you will probably spend more on the parts than you did on the enlarger but it will be worth it. There is a remote command unit for it as well that makes using it in the dark a lot easier.Once you have calibrated the enlarger using it will be pretty straight forward. If you can get a hold do of test/calibration negatives for the film you normally use you will find that the calibration will be a lot easier