I'm done beating around the bush. I insist that someone go into their garage workshops and produce this, today. Start with a folding 8x10 flat bed camera weighing no more than 5 lbs. It must have movements front and back. I'm thinking along the lines of the Toyo CF( i've unleashed half a dozen of these on our undergraduates and so far so good, except for the broken glass, sorry Dave) but 8x10 and the already mentioned movements. I don't care what you make it out of just make it tough. No! Gowland does not make what I want. I got the last 4 lb. 8x10 ,it's kinda, sorta, somewhat OK but it doesn't fold and and its a bit difficult to tighten down and no back movement. It must have a plastic, almost unbreakable focusing screen with built in fresnel. You must develop some sort of quick load 8x10 holder and film pack. One holder a couple of film packs, shoot all day. The tripod that I would like you to design could mimic the Gitzo 1228 but I want lighter and collapsible to 12". Oh, and put a compatable ball head on it. Pack all this gear in a very lightweight nylon(?) backpack. The only thing that I ask for the backpack(no wheels by the way) is that it be light, carry on size and that there be two internal or external refrigerated pockets. We want to keep our film nice and chilly. The second refrigerated pocket can be smaller because the only thing that you would carry in there would be an assortment of chocolate bars and no one wants melted chocolate in their camera bag. I think that will do it. You may make suggestions. When you have completed this job send me a line. I would expect it to take no more than 2 or 3 days.