Good to hear that the enlarger is a good one. I tried to find information about it on the Internet but have found next to nothing.

Included is one light mixing box (grey with red button - are these easy to get?) and one lensboard with an 80mm rodenstock lens (not sure wich one but IIRC it is a rodagon f4 lens). It doesn't include any negative carriers and masks so i will have to get those separately. I intend to use it for 35mm and 6x6. Do I need a light mixing box for each format? If so, does 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 use the same box?

I have no calibration negatives. I have always used slidefilm for colorwork and then scanned it. I rarely use color print film allthough that may change now when I get this color enlarger. I would however like to work with cibachrome - is it possible to get calibration "negatives" for slidefilm?

Great forum! Thank you all for your help.