Gord, thank you for your listing of what i need. I think the lightbox for 35mm is included so i only need to get one for 6x6. I must say they really charge a lot for those simple accessories allthough i found they were cheaper at stonemills.net (150 USD vs 200 USD for the lightbox).

I did search for the cobineg but without luck. After looking at B&H i found the "Bimaneg Negative Carrier (for M805 and AC800 Enlargers)". Since it is made for the AC800, is it possible to use this one and still have support for the densitometer?

Also, Is it possible to use a 45mm lens (Schneider apo-componon 45/4) with the Setopla 2839?

I put the image from the seller on my webpage. I'm not sure wether it has AF or not but I know it has an electrical motor: http://www.christianvik.com/div/ac800elite.jpg