Thanks for the advice.

I checked the bellows tonight with a flashlight in the dark. Many pinholes! It seems that I received a bit of "extra" exposure that I was not counting on! The funny thing is the front part of the bellows has the outer leather falling off in big chunks, yet it is light tight. The pinholes are all at the rear of the bellows where the outer bellow covering is intact.

I have a Calumet shutter tester that I usually use immediately on all of my new acquisitions. I never used it on this camera because I never thought I would actually get to use it.

The front standard has controls for rise/fall, and the base of the standard unlocks like a speed graphic. It looks as though you could shift the front standard - though it did not "want" to and I did not force it.

I figured that by lining the film up on the bottom, that I was definitely not in the sweet spot of the old rectilinear. But it was sure convenient to use the numbers on the backing paper to advance the film. I am anxious to see how the negatives scan.