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In 1939, the parents of my wife emigrated from a small farming community near but north of Östersund. We are planning a trip there in August 2006. We will use United Airline travel miles via SAS, to get to Sweden from Los Angeles.
A. From a photographer’s point of view, what entry city(ies) should we consider for the drive north.
B. What highway route would be recommended?
1. How long a drive in miles/KM or hours?
C. What medium format ASA 400 film is readily available in Sweden?
Ole’, if possible, it would be nice to visit you in Norway.
Welcome to an enchanted country! For how long do you plan to stay in Sweden? Anything particular you have in mind that you would like to photograph?
There's a quick route north by taking a "freeway" along the east coast, but you will have great opportunities to visit small villages and cities along the shore. Driving straight to Östersund from Stockholm will take one day, a long day...
Inland, you will take a slower route, but there's plenty to see as well. I'm originally from the Gästrikland county which is close to Dalarna, which is a very picturesque part of Sweden. Taking this route to Östersund is also a good option.
I live in Stockholm and I can show you around here. We're all APUGers, right?
When it comes to 120-film you can get that in Stockholm, but I advice you to stock up already in US, you'll save a lot of money in that way.