I would second Minolta manual-focus reflex cameras too; with the exception of one or two models due to collectors interest, pretty much all of them are very fine machines, and the lenses are, in my opinion, at least the equal of "brand N", often superior, especially in the bokeh department, and more affordable on the pre-owned market. While the mechanical-shuttered series (SR-7 and SR T models) require the bothersome 625 mercury batteries (there are several work-rounds) they are very finely designed and engineered. The electronics series are very fine too, the XD and XG series often have the issues of a pair of capacitors failing but they can be replaced. Only the XD and X-700 require lenses with MD coupling to achieve full functionality (aperture prioriity and programmed exposure automation respectively) and the most abundant MC lenses, regarded of age, will work on all models ever made.

In terms of Australian prices: recently I paid A$30 for a superb first series MC 35/2.8, and awaiting a MC 58/1.4 from the same period to arrive for which I paid $19 (along with a third party 28/2.8 and 2X teleconverter which I have to dispose of); think A$1 as three quarters of a US$. These prices are not at all unusual, and it goes on to show that Minolta manual focus cameras are good bargains today, and of course, sustainable for many years to come.