A couple of things to keep in mind with the autofocus cameras:

1) These cameras were built with autofocus intended and manual focus as an option. The screens offer no assistance, such as split-image focusing aids, although some do offer focus-confirmation lights.

2) Many of the lenses -- particularly the "kit" lenses, are simply not the right tool for manual focus. Often, you are using a very narrow plastic ring at the front of the lens to manually focus the camera. It's can be quite a horrible experience.

3) Many of the "kit" lenses are of mediocre quality. Most people will tell you that they aren't that bad. Conversely, it also means they aren't that good, either.

I agree with the others that you could get a great older kit for several hundreds dollars that will include a body + three quality lenses.

I think your husband will have a great time with this.