Grew up in Arkansas, where a friend gave me an old 620 rollfilm camera to play with and its been downhill from there!
I learned to do black & white on my own and later got a job at the local paper doing darkroom work in the evenings, eventually getting on the production staff first on the process camera then onto the press....not good for a career photographer but it paid better then. Now my job lies in doing finish work at a printshop bindery but I still burn quite a bit of film in my play time.
I finally have a dream darkroom down in the basement with an autopsy table salvaged from a hospital converted to a darkroom sink, a Beseler enlarger, drymount press, a very nice mat cutter and room to store everything.
I've still never had any formal training in photography, but since I'm a voracious reader of anything to do with my interests theres not much I haven't looked into to see what it's about.
I share my interest in photography with my girlfriend Dale, who I live with and we like to take forays into the mountains, beaches and where ever to burn film and play. Our favorite cameras are our Bronica SQA and SQAis. I also have a 4x5 monorail to play with and a handful of Canon EOS equipment for traveling light.
We used to go to camera clubs for the competition for a while and I have a drawer full of ribbons, no idea what each was for, and lately won 2nd place (they called it First Prize) in the Georgia Outdoors Nature Photography Contest.
That's so you can have a look.