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Well, interesting trip..found several White Churches to photograph, but only ended up photographing one. (see Attached scan of negative). Flat lighting at times, no camera at other times.

The one shown here was off by a corn field, that had just been cleared. Used the Crown Graphic, 135mm lens. Like the way it has scanned and will print it in the coming days.

Donald, appreciate your advice - this was done at f/22 at just under 1/10 sec mark (more like 1/2 sec).

Funny, seems like I never get much done when visiting family..but always good to see them.
Looks a very nice shot. Given the amount of sky, dark foliage and white church with some of it in shadow, would a normal reflective meter not have given a similar exposure to the one used? In other words would the whole scene have integrated to a 18% grey anyway?