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I was looking at Silverprints web site and came across Tetenol Light Protecting Varnish. Has anyone used this product or know much about it?
Sure, its a good acryllic vanish not unlike those used as a coating for artwork. These lacquers has been an integral part of art for centuries--- granted not acryllic but colophonium or some solution of natural resins of mastic, dammar, amber, copal, sandarac or even myrrh--- and were early-on adopted into photography.

Tetenal's varinish is mainly used for sealing work following retouching but also to prepare work for retouching. Its also (the glossy version) good for handling scratches on the base-- its the same stuff in a spray can that Repolisan was in a bottle.

Better than purchase aerosol cans I'd advice one to get the stuff in a bulk (1 litre tins). Should one need to spray, one can use airbrush..