I just made my first attempt at some pinhole photographs. It was also my first attempt at hand processing 4x5 sheet film. I seem to have a problem with uneven exposures. Each image has a light band running down the length of the negative (see attached image). I don't think this is due to light falloff; if that were the case I would expect the brighter area to be circular, whereas in this case it is a linear, straight-line thing. I shot both portrait and landscape images, in both case the brightness runs down the long axis of the negative. Anyone had this problem before? I'm not sure whether it is caused by the optics, or maybe by the way I developed my negs. The negs were developed in a tray, I did 5 of them together. Although I "shuffled" the negs continuously during development, I'm thinking that maybe the negs stuck together and got more developer along the edges that at the centre.