If the OM-1 is really in good working order, that is a good price. It will likely need new foam around the back cover. Check the hinge foam for stickiness. If it is gooey, this and the foam in the slots may not keep light out as well as it used to. The 1.55v alkaline batteries (625A, 625U) will throw the meter off 2-3 stops (causing underexposure, dark slides, thin negatives).

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Last week my old OM-10 gave up the ghost, something with the electronics is fouled up and now the shutter speeds are not firing properly, even with the manual adapter. As OM-10s are reasonably cheap I figured I'd chase one down on the 'bay. Instead I noticed a nice looking, and according to the seller, perfectly working OM-1. I know the OM-1 is a manual camera with a battery only required for the meter, this suits me perfectly!
So I went for it and won it half an hour or so ago for 38 (not including postage). Did I pay a fair price?
Also does anyone know about the batteries for the OM-1? Is it ok to use 1.5v cells in it instead of the old 1.3v? And how much would this affect the metering?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.


Ps. Here's the auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...MakeTrack=true