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Good advice from Mark and Noseoil.

The bottom of the Grand Canyon is Sonoran Desert zone, the rims are alpine. In June, July and August the radiated heat from the desert pavement in the Sonora Desert can result in air temperatures that reach (or exceed) 140 degrees F. In addition, you won't see any saguaro blossoms during the summer - fruit, maybe.

In general, the best time of year for saguaro blossoms is March or early April. However, the blooming time in a specific area will be determined by that area's macroclimate.

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Point well taken Tom, I would plan to come early when the cacti are in bloom, and I would probably go to the Saguaro National Forest as recommended to me. I dress properly to protect from the sun and bring plenty of water and some salty snacks, and hike with a G.P.S. to keep track of my distance, and how long it will take to return. I don't attempt anything unreasonable. I want to live to shoot another day.