Mamiya made some very interesting and capable 35mm SLR cameras, but there had been many false-starts and dead-end designs that the company could not follow through.

With the benefit of hindsight, I feel that the DSX models with mechanical shutter, M42 lens mount, and stop-down metering would be the sensible choice; the reliability is very good indeed. Many, if not all the lenses for these cameras were made by Tokina, and are surprisingly good. A friend had a 35mm/2.8 and it was giving his Summicron a good run for its money.

Later on Mamiya also made the NC series with a model called NC1000S, and employed extensive electronics and a unique lens mount, that did not work very well. The swansong was the ZE series and that did not work very well either. If you go to the Mamiya headquarter site you will not find any mention of its career in 35mm cameras, that might say something.