Well, one would think that since I am attending one of the top fine arts programs for photography in the country, that I might possibly have access to the darkroom.

Apparently this is not the case. Despite posted hours, the darkroom (which is huge) is pretty much inaccessible. Mostly because of 19 year-old darkroom monitors who simply would rather smoke dope than work.

Anyway, before I get into a huge rant here, I have realized that I absolutely need to have reliable access to a darkroom. I know, I must be insane in thinking this, I mean why would anyone in a photography program need that. But I am crazy I guess....

So, after cajoling the wife, I have managed to get the spare bathroom for a small darkroom. Apparently pointing out that over 7 attempts at using the darkroom, and having only managed to get 45 minutes of use, manages to get you someplace.

Now, I need to do this as cheaply as possible. As usual. But since I shoot mostly MF, and more and more 4x5, I would like to get an enlarger that can handle at least MF, and ideally 4x5. So any hints there would be helpful.

Also, I only have a standard tub/shower unit for the trays. I'd like to do 11x14 fiber, but I am not sure I can squeeze all the trays in. Any hints on setting this up would be great.