Perhaps you could give some idea of the budget you would have to work with for the home darkroom. Then I think you would get some very specific ideas on equipment.

I would recommend:

Omega D2
Get a cold light head
A good 4 blade easel like asaunders up to 11x14"
11x14" trays (get the cheap ones from B&H)
Use a troublelight refletore with a safelight bulb bounced off the ceiling.
Use some velcro strips that come with sticky stuff on one side and use a double thickness of black shower curtain for a blackout cloth for the door and window.

A focusing loupe or grain magnifier such as magansight or maganscope.

Go to a local lumber supply house such as Lowes and see if they have a scrap of counter top that will fit accross the tub tub. The formica surface is easy to clean.

A couple of tupperware tubs you can set in the tub for washing prints.

If the bathroom does not all ready have it, install some ground fault protection outlets where you plug in equipment.

Almost everything like the D2 and easel can be bought on Ebay on the cheap, you just need to be patient. Also if you want to make life easy in regards to processing film, get a used JoboCPE2 off EBAY. These are the smaller units but do an excellent job. If you decide to go the JOBO route you can process up to 4x5 negs and 8x10 prints. Let me know and I can give you some specifics on tubes you need and advice for use.

Hopefully Silverpixels5 will chime in, I think he uses a bathroom for a darkroom at the moment. He (among others) will have some good ideas.