I have worked in a camera shop for over 15 years and we started keeping track of some of the more stupid questions.Here are a few of our favorites.
#1 Can you change film underwater?
#2 Can you use a Polaroid Land Camera at the beach?
#3Could you please sell me that telephoto Ektachrome I saw on TV ?
#4What does Occupied Japan mean? I thought Japan was always occupied by someone,didn't you?
#5 How much flash would I need to bounce it off the moon?
#6Can I use ISO film and ASA film in the same camera?
#7Can you program my digital camera to leave the leader sticking out?
#8 I had a lady bring me a VHS tape for processing.So I put it on the shelf in the back of the store and called her 2 days later and said it was ready.She was thrilled,it seems the place she had been taking it to was taking 2 weeks to process it. No ,I didn't charge her.
#9 I developed a roll of film for a young man and when he started looking through them large crocodile tears were rolling down his cheeks. I asked what was wrong and he said he was positive that he had pictures of a UFO
and now no one would believe him. Imagine that?
#10 What is the best film for capturing ghosts?

Thanks for reading my list.