I think the Russians [Might be Ukraine] companies do make screw mount lens. Some one else may also be making them.

Sorry don't know what fits a Fuji camera but if it's a M42 camera then any of the older stop down lenses should be fine. Things didn't get off the track until everybody came up with thier own wide open metering system.

I'd suggest a Pentax 50mm F/1.4 lens first. Second would be the 55mm F/1.8. Cheapest way to get either is usually on a camera. If you don't want the camera turn around and sell it to recover most of your money.

The Russian lenses are fairly cheap and if you get a good copy not bad lenses. But they all tend to be manual lenses. When you stop down the lens the aperture closes. Foccussing will be dark. I'd still lean towards a Pentax lens. Some of the other choices can be cheaper [Ricoh,Mayimya etc] but you'll have to do more research to make sure they'll fit.

The problem with fixing things is the glass actually damaged?