A recent thread in the large format forum asked what would happen if the two big manufacturers of color film (Fuji and Kodak) both stopped producing film. The general theme running through the answers seemed to be "don't worry about the sky falling" and "stock up while you can".

This has led me to think about options for stacking up. Refrigeration slows down the deterioration of the emulsion (I'm guessing that this occurs because chemical reactions slow down under lower temperatures) but film still gets fogged over time, and I remember reading in a Kodak data sheet that this occurs as a result of stray radiation hitting the emulsion. So, the question is: has anyone tried storing film long-term inside, say, lead bags of the sort sold to protect film from x-ray machines? It seems you could keep film fresh much longer by freezing it inside a lead box or one of these types of bags.

If you've tried this or you have a good reason to think it won't work, please let me know.