Second list of stupid questions.
#11 A lady asked me if I could print a negative for her backwards.Upon furthur review it seems her son was standing behind a tree and she figured if you turned the negative around ,he would be there.
#12 An elderly lady came in with a Polaroid picture of her barn. She asked me to reprint the picture for her,but she wanted me to make sure that her husband who was inside the barn would magically appear outside the barn wearing his favorite hat.
#13 A woman came in all excited carrying a roll of film. She had dropped the roll of film and was worried she had knocked the images out of focus.
I assured her that I would use Kodak's Focusing Solution to bring back the images.
#14 A gentleman brought in his first roll of processed film and his new Nikon camera for me to look at. His pictures were completely blank except for frame lines. Upon inspection of the Nikon, I found there was no shutter in the camera. I asked him about this and he told me he had taken an x-acto knife and carefully cut away the protective cover(shutter curtain).
# 15 Why don't I get the negatives back from you, just the slides?
#16 A nice lady brought me her Pentax K1000 manual 35mm camera and asked me whether the mirror was supposed to stay up or down during the exposure.She determined it needed to be down so she super-glued it down. She then forced the wind lever thinking it might have been a little stiff.
#17 I had an Army Captain bring me a 110 camera and 6 rolls of crushed 35mm film still in their boxes. After questioning him,he explained the 110 camera said AUTO-LOAD on the side of it. He was trying to push boxed 35mm rolls of film into a 110 camera.
Thanks Jim