English translation of above post (sort of)

I do not know certain or this now under the cup 'alternative procedés' falls, but I saw had to house so fast not where I it otherwise. I am procuring to think to it possible a polaroid back at for my middle size apparatus. For me goes there therefore a 'new world' open of the polaroid 'technique'. I saw that fuji as well color as a z/w polaroid furnishes and then in a so-called 100 and 3000 size. Will someone me can explain what 3000 is? I take at that that not the ASA value is?!

What are your experiences with polaroid... what you your favorites polaroid films and at which procure you that?

The reason that I to it think is that I so beforehand a test can make of a shoot with a correct. Sometimes there in the rear a boring flash reflection in a shiny surface and according to me sit easily can take out you that it thus with a polaroid example.

Can I the quality of polaroid otherwise compare with a contact print... or must I that otherwise see?

Meanwhile thanks! Jeroen

I am just trying the Fuji FP-3000B45. I had to buy a Polaroid 550 film pack holder for my 4x5 camera to use this film. Quality and sharpness is excellent. I exposed as ASA3000 with good results. See my photo in APUG standard gallery. I hope this helps. And the translation is not too bad. I used http://ets.freetranslation.com/

Translation to Dutch:

Ik probeer slechts de Fuji FP-3000B45. Ik moest een Polaroid 550 film pak houder voor mijn 4x5 fototoestel kopen om deze film te gebruiken. Kwaliteit en sharpness zijn uitstekend. Ik stelde als ASA3000 met goede resultaten bloot. Zie mijn foto in APUG normale galerij. Ik hoop dat dit helpt. En de vertaling is niet te slecht. Ik gebruikte http://ets.freetranslation.com/