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I think you are the first APUG member who gets married, that I know, at least. I think in honor of this, Sean should make you a ball and chain icon....
I don't know, Jorge.
Maybe Sean should wait and see how Robert's bride holds up to a part-time bathroom filled with darkroom junk. If she hasn't packed her bags and fled after a month or two, forget the ball and chain, an angel icon would be more appropriate.

I'd almost always take my own personal darkroom in my home, no matter how small and, um... "equipmentally challenged" it is over booking time in a big institutional one especially under the circumstances that you describe. You can always work out a routine to compensate for your space/equipment considerations and in the end the only thing that really matters is what lies within the borders of the finished prints that you present. You certainly have every right to be pissed though. You have paid to be entitled your fair use of the school's facilities.