I'll probably be at the PHSNE show in Watertown on Saturday, helping my friend/mentor Dick Welch ply his wares (a great source for .... well, I'm not sure he even knows the extent of what he has!) I would suggest that anybody interested in cameras and in old images make this show -lots of dealers, wonderful conversations, piles of old images, old cameras and gear, new gear, film, and information.

Sunday is a possibility for a run to Springfield and I'd dearly love to see you folks again. Any interest in carpooling for the ride? Happy to drive if I can get the day off from the backlog of projects that threaten every once in awhile to overwhelm me.

Thanks, Gene! Keep this up, it's a great way for us to stay connected.
I tried to see Suzanne Revy's booth at the Groton Fest last weekend but the good folks of Groton decided that caution was in order and pulled a "rain date" on me. Sorry Suzanne