A very good response overall; but....

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The adventages of the RF are as follows:
-very quick focusing
On this I must disagree, or at least place conditions. Personally, I find SLRs easier to focus than rangefinders. Rangefinder focus images are ghostlike shadows that I find hard to interpret, and it's easy to get confused when there are multiple lines or a complex shape in that area. With an SLR, getting the main image in the right ballpark is very easy (if it's blurry it's out of focus) and then the split-image or microprism focusing aid can help with getting the focus spot-on.

That said, in low light situations, an SLR's focusing aids degrade more rapidly than do a rangefinder's focusing aids, so a rangefinder can be superior in low-light situations.

All of this interacts with the type of lens, of course. Slow SLR lenses are more likely to cause a black-out of the SLR focusing aids. OTOH, the SLR's focusing ability will be better than a rangefinder's with long lenses at distances that are just a bit shy of infinity -- a typical camera's rangefinder isn't likely to offer enough precision at those distances.