I recently took a couple of shots one lunchtime from work. I saw a scene in a coffee shop window which I liked ,composed and ran of 2 shots. At my next darkroom session I printed a 10x8 and liked the result so printed a couple of extras plus a 12x16 sepia toned


The next day I took the prints with me into work so I could get them dry mounted at my usual store and passed the coffee shop where I took the shots. Being quite pleased with the results I thought I would show the owner and offer him one of the 10x8's free as I am a nice guy. So I sauntered up to the counter and enquired if the chap behind it was the manager and started telling him that I had ran off a couple of shots of his window display and would he like to see them. He said yes hesitantly and launched aggressively into a long story about how he had his own photographer? and interior designer who supplied all his art work and that was fed up with people trying to punt their wares on him. "I'm only a small shop" he said. My reply was "I'm not selling it, I just thought you might want to see the results, but know at least I know why you are still a small shop" Needless to say I still have the spare print.


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