hi dimitri

I don't have the answers to all your questions... BUT I have tryed the MAKIFLEX and I must say it is awesome...
huge and ugly. Like a Hassy on steroroids....
but the 6x9 cm back (rotating, hence the 9x9) is great for two reasons:
1: you can put polaroid back on it, and it will cover almost the whole area.. (normal pol backs)
2: and this is the awesome part: with an adapter, you can actually use LF film cassettes on it.
consider it: you will get square negatives, 9x9cm with rounded corners!!
tell me what other camera does this..

I don't remember the flash syncro time, as the camera isn't here at me now, but if you want, I can get the informations for you..

so you have the hassy system, but with LF negs.. that IS awesome, and fun.