Hi Everyone,

Just wandered into this thread while looking for information on the Kodak 3a I just purchased on Ebay. Fortunately my bellows are in good shape but I've yet to decide whether to use the glass fix for keeping the film flat or having a friend who does metal fabrication make me some small thin strips to place inside the back that would narrow the film opening to 120 height. As for camera bellows for those who need them, I can recommend two companies. The most recognized and respected (IMO) is Camera Bellows. They manufacture custom bellows for cameras and are the company I used when I needed new bellows installed on my Fuji GS645 folder. Their website is camerabellows.com. The other company I've heard good things about, but have never used, is Turner Bellows. I don't have their website handy, but it will come up on a Google search. New bellows can be *very* expensive. My GS645 replacement (just the bellows) cost me $75.00. Considering I only paid $30.00 for my Kodak 3a, I hope the bellows never need replacement because it would be hard to justify the probable $100.00 or so it would cost to have them replaced. Keep in mind that if you want Camera Bellows to install the bellows for you, they're going to ding you another $50.00 for the service.