Hey there Gandolfi man!
Yes, totally. You just said what I meant to say. That's exactly the thinking I have done as soon as I saw photos of MAKIFLEX. I love square negs, and immediately pictured fitting my upcoming (I am just becoming certain about it with every minute) MAKIFLEX. As to your "tell me what other camera does this..", - I tell you this: Baby Graflex does just that. People have done this - I saw them fitted with Graflock backs. You will have shutter speeds up to 1/1000s or even faster if you want to crank the shutter up a bit. Plaubel quits at 1/250th. I personally though would machine the corners of the frame so that they are square. You can always "round things up" later, but not the other way around. Although, it is purely a matter of taste. Thanks a lot for your reply. Hm... Hassy on steroids... I say - it would be better. With these things, that are, as you say, huge and ugly, you don't mind using exotic optics, which one typically wouldn't do with a hassie. I think. Except for the venerable "Plungercam" - the inexhaustable source of inspiration for many people. The additional info you are offering will be very welcome. Good luck to you!
D. Serdukoff