So, I finally got around to replacing (sort of) my Pentacon 6, which gave its soul to the series I've been printing so far. After all the abuse I put it through, both the body and the lens are now jammed, so a new camera was needed if my 6x6 needs were to be met.

Seeing as I could not decide which route to take in replacing it, I decided to buy a cheap 6x6 folder to keep me shooting in the mean time. Ebay seemed too iffy, and I happened to follow a random link to I'm glad I did.

I ended up buying 2 folders, both from Agfa.

The first one is an Isolette V, which cost $12.00. It has an 85mm Agnar 4.5 lens, a shutter with B, 25, 75 and 200.

The second one is a Speedex B2, which cost $20.00. It has an 85mm Anastigmat 4.5, shutter with everything from 1/2 to 1/250, B and T.

Both are scale focused by moving the front element, both shutters are smooth as a baby's behind, and neither bellows leak.

And these were rated 9 in their website...

Anyway, just giving you guys a heads up on a store that seems to be very good (to say the least).

I'll be putting some film through these this weekend (Hurricane Rita allowing), and I'll post the results ASAP.