re: Focusing rangefinders vs. SLRs

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I just meant that you CAN get it done more quickly, since closest focus to infinity is about a quarter of a turn of the focusing lever... where in an average SLR you sometimes have to turn and turn and turn...
That varies a lot with both types. I just checked a few of my cameras and lenses, and my Canonet QL17 rangefinder does have the shortest throw from closest to farthest focus of those I checked, but the next-shortest was a Zenitar 16mm SLR lens, then a Tamron 24mm SLR lens. The standard 50mm Industar 61L/D lens on a FED 5 rangefinder has roughly a 180-degree turn for full focus range, which is similar to that on my Fujica ST-801 SLR's 55mm standard lens.

The bottom line: If you like lenses with short (or long, for that matter) movement for the full focus range, check the lens; don't assume that you'll get what you want because the camera/lens is of a particular type.