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I don't want to hijack reinis' thread.

I'm curious why the OM-4Ts are so expensive. I saw a "minty" one going for $825. Is that how much minty OM-4Ts go for these days?
I just so happened to be looking at OMs on KEH yesterday, probably as a result of the same thread you are referring to. They have an OM4-T in Excellent (roughly minty in eBay parlance) for $499. Still a lot of money, but not like your example above. I know that the T was the last of the OMs and was made until fairly recently. I also understand that it is very nice, but I can't answer why it is so much more than the base OM4, unless the price of the OM4 is depressed by the (perceived or real?) battery consumption problem that you hear about. If I were in the market, which I am not, I would probably get the Bargain condition OM4 on KEH for $172. They also offer it with a lens for under $200.