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The last Nikon F3 I bought on eBay had the screen with the grid lines and not split screen (I forget the model number). I too thought it would be a pain, but now I like it, especially since it has the grid lines. In some cases I do prefer the split screen for accurate focusing.

As a side note, I'm a bit near-sighted. Would a diopter help me or are they for people who are far-sighted?
1. The Nikon screen with the grid lines and the split image is the E screen. The R screen has the grid lines and the split image focusing aid.

2. From what I understand, Nikon makes 3 to +2 diopters for the F3HP. This should cover both near-sighted and far-sighted people. However, unless you can actually try the diopter on your camera, it is not a simple task trying to calculate exactly which diopter will correct you particular vision problem. I use a +1.75 diopter reading glasses so I figured that a +2 diopter should help me. Wrong! The +2 diopter that I ordered made things much worse.