I bought an Olympus XA-2 as a go anywere Camera that I could take to work ETC, But After one roll of film I lost it.

I do want another one because the quality was amazing, I don't want to get into the SLR debate, but it when it come to tiny little compacts Film cameras chuck there digital couterparts on the flore and Kick the Crap out of them for quility (and yes I have seen the F10) Things arn't going to get any better untill the sensors get bigger, more likely to get worse because of the amout of pixels they shove in them.

OK So the origionaly XA is expensive, what about a more modern offering whats the mju-1 like is the lens better than that of the classics? I can get the mju-1 for 15. Does anyone have any other Sugestions?