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gnashings - you too huh?

What I am trying to understand is why the Olympus OMs have sort of this "cult" status. What is it about these cameras??
I had an OM1 and loved it. I ended up trading it, I got great value for the trade and I am happy I did it, but boy I miss that camera. One thing is that they are designed really well. Everything is easy to use and works the way it should. (There are, however, some very unconventional things about them that do take getting used to.) Also, the lenses are really nice and, unlike other manufacturers, they are very small to fit the scale of the camera. I had a 135 3.5 that was tiny, it was about 3" long and 1.5" across. Also, there is an incredible simplicity about the design, no extraneous do dads or whatchamacallits. Just gorgeous.

If I get back in the 35mm market, I will seriously consider the OMs. For now, I am shooting medium and large format and not missing 35mm. If I had an OM4 I wouldn't use it anyway! Of course, that doesn't mean I don't want one!