I think that if I am correct the post that Aggie is referring to was either my post or the following post by Sandy King in reference to the staining aspects of PMK developer. For those who wish to avail themselve to this information it may prove informative as to what the reference to "silver rich" was and in what content it was questioned. I will leave it to the readers whether the term "silver rich" was "blasted" by either Mr. King or myself. A search of the archives will locate this particular thread for those interested. I personally think that it is "old history" and is far beyond my interest at this time.

The basis of the information that I posted in reference to that thread was based in densitometric analysis of the basis of general and proportional stain. I still for the life of me do not know what "silver rich" means. I don't care whether it was Steve Anchell or Jesus Christ that used the term. I would just like the person using that term to explain to me in a scientific manner based in factual testing what it is and how it explains general stain.

Now if we are dragging paper into this matter it seems to be serving only to cloud the matter further. Perhaps obscurity is the desired basis of this discussion. I must say however that is not my desired result. I find that obscurity serves little to clarify the matter that was addressed.

I believe that there are thick emulsion films. Does this make them "silver rich"? (Whatever that is) I don't know that it does and I don't know that it doesn't. I do however know that they do have a thicker gelatin layer which would be more inclined to be stained by general staining.