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This is all very interesting!! Thank you and please keep them coming.
Brad - the spanking is in jest of course!

And which one would you (from experience) suggest represents a 'warm fuzzy feel type film' lol - I am so verbally challenged.

Do you have any landscape or environmental, still life photos you can share as examples of these films?

Thanks again.
Kindest regards, Nicole
Nicole, I have some examples posted here (look in the June and July archives). I don't shoot much slide film in 35mm anymore - only in 4x5.
When shooting color 35mm outdoors, I like Fuji Superia Reala for just about everything. Reala is color print film. It is fine grained, gives very realistic color, doesn't do violence to flesh tones and, the clincher, it has a nice wide exposure lattitude (I need that).