I use rangefinders for general photography with focal lengths from 28mm to 90mm. They are particularly useful for short lenses, although accessory viewfinders may be needed. Depending on the camera, lenses longer than about 135mm may not be practical due to focussing difficulties. Most rangefinder enthusiasts use 35mm or 50mm as their normal lens, although 28mm and 40mm are also common. The controls on a typical Leica rangefinder are very similar to those on mechanical SLRs such as the Pentax K1000 or Nikon FM. However, rangefinders have an altogether different "feel" which may be due to the viewfinder. It is like looking through a window directly at the scene, giving a sense of immediacy. There is almost no sense of the camera being a barrier between the photographer and the subject. Some people like this very much (I do); others may find it disconcerting. Unfortunately, on rangefinders without TTL metering, there may be a tendency to take pictures of lens caps.