Yeah, the focus was off on both cameras, but the shutters are right on (or at least all the exposures were).

I checked the focus with a ground glass, and the speedex can focus from .8m to 3.22m. I'll keep it that way, and use it as a portrait/close up camera.

The Isolette is another story. The lens was set near infinity, and turning the focus wouldn't change it. After a quick search on google, I found out that this isn't uncommon on Isolettes, and its due to the 2 front elements being stuck together. This was indeed the case with mine.

The original grease had turned to rock, and I was only able to free the lenses by using a heat gun and a couple of pliers. I then cleaned out all the green grease with Kerosene, paper towels, cotton, and toothpicks. Took a while, but I got it out. After applying some lube (a mix of graphite powder and skate board bearing oil - don't ask...) it seems fine now. I'll set the focus for infinity tomorrow, and see how that goes.