When I wanted to find a tranny film I went to the photo section at the local B&N and Borders and went thru the photo book section. What I saw was alot of Velvia 50 and Provia shots, especially by the Muench's. I chose the Provia because it's speed was higher at the time and the Velvia, although very nice, didn't have the reciprocity characteristics of the Provia. Provia is waht I shoot with some Velvia, but Provia's color temp is lower then Velvia's. Also watch it especially around water at dusk. I shot alot of Astia, even pushed +1, and I liked that as well. Eventually it just comes down to trying one and going from there. You'll get good results regardless of what you use. In neg film I found that I don't like Kodak Ultra 400 for contrasty scenes as it killed some of my red rock shots in Sedona AZ. Of the ones I remember that I liked, Reala was ok for some things, definetly not overcast conditions and in very briught sunny conditions I found it lacking in punch. My best earth tone shots actually came out of Agfa which is dead I guess. If I were to buy something right this minute it would either be NPH (i've seen some nice landscape shots with this film), or 160 NC. Kodak VC was always muddy to me, but alot of people like it. My early rolls were very poor and I haven't gone back.