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No one has really answered the question of what are rangefinders good for.
Hey! I (kind of) did!

Jokes aside, I find that they are best (at least the 35mm ones) for things you don't want to be obvious about photographing. I mean, its [SIZE=1]tiny[/SIZE] and the shutter is so quiet it gets lost in any background noise - even a quiet conversation. Funny story:

I was at a camera store in Toronto (Henry's - the outlet store) when a very colourful looking lady walked in very upset that the camera she bought (Nikon f90 I think, if memory serves) did not fit the lenses she already had. She was very animated and dressed like not many people you see. I had to have a photo! With everyone looking at or through an SLR, I took the QL17 and no one was the wiser - even the guy behnd the counter didnt notice I took the photo, and he was talking to me!!! (looking through stuff while doing it - but still!) I think I will scan that photo in - who knows, she maybe among the membership and not even know she was victim of a street photo!

OK - so this post was just an excuse to share that story...