The term does exist, and it has been used many times to denote both film and paper emulsions and their content. Whether it is marketing B.S. or not, the term is used. You could argue that milk as a term is abmibious too. Is it camel, cow, goat, or yak milk? fast car by it self is a misnomer also, which fast car and why? Was it becasue of loss of weight in the vehicle or the increase in power form a engine, or was it a bigger engine to begin with. No is out there demanding that scientific experiments and data be collected to make it plausible for one car over another to use the term fast car. It may be marketing hype, or it may be a term that is used just like in any other field. The term is still a used term and is used by some of the luminaries of this field. To discount it out of hand and to say from the orginal thread that it does not exist and is a made up term, was reason for saying yes this term does exist.

That said, there is one company that has not changed its forumlation on its film, not the thickness of the emulsion, nor the content of a HIGHER amount of silver (silver rich) that company is located in the Czech Republic and many here use the paper quite often. As for the film, past discussions have shown not many use the film or know how to handle it. It is not a popular film. I had to search the web for information a year ago about processing times, and found none. Today there are postings on the web about how to handle it and the processing times. I found that with PMK it has the same times as TMX (100) Why did this company not lower it's silver content? Mostly it didn't need to. Why? It is contected through the old eastern block countries with a silver mining concern. It had its own supplier. Maybe it was out of laziness or just staying with what they knew, who knows. But FORTE can and has claimed in the past and probably in the future to being silver rich. It is a beautiful film in PMK, and for me with out a densimeter I have gotten some of my best negatives with the use of PMK from this product.

As for densimeters I can see those using ULF and doing specialized printing such as platinum wanting to find the most reliable way to get results with one shot. I for one, and I am not including any others in this statement, am going to purchasing for what I do at this time, a densimeter. I for one went into this field for the magic. If I had to rely on densimeters and getting down to scientifically reading every thing I did, I would just foget all of this and go digital. I would rather go for the soul where an image is what I imagined in my head, than the image some secintific reading told me was the perfect everything. Besides hubby has enough to carry out in the filed with what I have already. He doesn't need another gizmo on his back.