I too made the "mistake" of wasting some of my valuable Azoo paper on Agfa Neutol WA developer. But I only realized it was a mistake after I started using Amidol. The difference is amazing. Amidol is expensive, but it yields fantastic results.
I tried Michael Smiths Amidol formula, and then tried Peckhams. I am currently staying with the Peckhams formula, which happens to be somewhat less expensive to make, because the amount of amidol is substancially less than in the Smith formula, (and uses catchetol as a second form of developing agent) but that is not the reason I've chosen to stay with the Peckham formula. I just find it easier to control the development compared to the more robust/powerful Smith formula. The development in the Smith happens so fast that I find it difficult to reproduce the results when making a series of prints. The Peckham formula allows me a little more "breathing room" if you will, because the time in the developer is somewhat longer, around 1- 1 1/2 minutes comnpared to 30 seconds to a minute with the Smith formula.
The tone of the final print using Peckhams formula comes veryclose to what I consider to be ideal, and after a quick Selenium toning, well....I'm convinced.

I'm hoping to be able to attend an Azo printing class with Michael and Paula sometime soon. I'm sure that after seeing how they handle the development, I will be giving their formula another look.

Oh yeah, I have 2 liters of Neutol WA concentrate in the closet as well, but picking them up in Germany might not be that practical.