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The 45CF had some manufacturing problems when it came out, so if you go that way, you'll want to be sure you can handle it first in the shop, or if you order it by mail order, see that you have a good return policy. That said, there are satisfied users of this camera out there, as well as some who have given up on it after multiple exchanges and returns.

One of the best deals out there in new field cameras is the Shen Hao HZX 45-IIA. See for info. I would choose the Shen Hao over the two field cameras you mention. It is similar in design and build quality to the Tachihara, a bit heavier, but more versatile and less costly.

The 45CX is a monorail. A good starter camera, but it seems that if you are looking equally at a monorail and two field cameras, that maybe you haven't quite sorted out your priorities yet. What kind of photography do plan to do with the camera?