Well, before the thread deteriorates any more I just want to make it clear that I don't remember saying anything that may have led someone to believe that I was blasting anything about silver-rich emulsions. Frankly I don't have a fixed idea this subject so I am fairly certain that I am not guilty, as was implied in an earlier message on this thread. I have read that some of the modern tabular grain silver emulsions like TMAX and the Delta films are able to use less silver to achieve the same density than some of the older emulsions, but beyond that my knowledge is very limited.

The only thing I can think of that may have associated me with any blasting is an opinion I expressed on another thread to the effect that “staining developers work about equally well with all films that contain silver. That some films appear to work better than others is due to fact that the gelatin base of some films is thicker than that of others, and this films consequently develop more general stain, for the simple reason that there is more gelatin to stain.” I am aware that this particular idea may seem heretical to some people because the idea that Pyro developers don't work well with some films it has been affirmed so widely that it has become an accepted fact with certain people. But to the best of my knowledge there is no real evidence of this anywhere.

However, to more fully explain what I meant by the above (assuming it has something to do with the present thread?) you need to understand that from my perspective the primary attribute of staining developers such as PMK and Pyrocat-Hd is not the stain itself, though this can be useful for boosting contrast, but the ability of these developers to deliver extremely high acutance, and this results not from staining but from the hardening and tanning of the gelatin around the silver that prevents infectious development, especially useful with high contrast and back-lighted subjects. :roll: