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Interesting idea the twin rails. Great thinking
Barry Young
Tis a good idea yes, very easy to build as you dont have to fiddle with wrapping a clunky collar system around you rail, however the idea isn't mine - got it from another home job that I found on the net (cant find it right now) but from memory I think I have copied it quite substantially..

All due respect and thanks to that individual -

I forgot to mention I am yet to make the little bits that swivel and hold on the lensboard, GG and backs - the tape is doing nicely in the meantime ...

also ahould note:

2 lessons learned:

>1. Got to make sure my front frame is bigger than my bellows or the standard (up and downy bit) will rub on it with large tilts on the front

>2. Have to design a release system for the bellows, as with it all bunched up when focused on infinity I cant get any movement wot-so-eva - ie. no shifts with architectural photography ! which is what got me interested in view cams in the first place .. :P ah well tho, have used swing for macro so its not all a waste of time

ok three lessons >> Bellows are a right pain in the behind