It hasn't been a good month for me and my Minoltas...first my X700 decided to play capacitor "Red Light/ Green Light" (You know, we all played it as kids: Turn your back and the kids run up to tag you. Look around and everyone stops...) and now my Minolta 450si frame counter takes a powder..

Sometnig weird happened the other day:

I was shooting away with my 450si, when I started hearing, what I thought was film being torn by the film advance motor and sprockets. After a couple more frames of this, I decided to bag the rest of the roll, rewind and start with a fresh roll. Popped in a new cannister and heard the same sound. Shot a few frames and bagged that roll too.

The next time out with my camera, I loaded yet another roll of film and noticed that I was no longer hearing that tearing sound, but the frame counter in my LCD display wasn't showing anything. I wasted a few shots and heard the motor drive engage, but still no frame count! Every other function in the display works fine, just no frame count...

Could the problem be bulk loaded film? I use Kalt cannisters, which don't come with DX strips on them, but I'm suspecting something mechanical. Its really the first time I've used this camera/cannister combo.

Has anyone ever encountered something like this before? I haven't developed the shot film yet, so I don't know if the drive was advancing properly or not.