I actually asked a similar question at Fahey/ Klein in Los Angelos a few weeks ago. They Had a (I'm guessing) 36x48 B/w Iris print of a Rock star portrait for I think it was 12000.00 (the print was great) so I asked the guy working there if they are selling many ink prints. He says the market is young and most people are stilll buying original process prints. But there is a market and it's growing. My instincts are like Sean's, they're two different beasts they will each have they're own market and as Iris grows in popularity the value of original material prints will increase. Probably because of the scarcity of those who use it as a medium. Right now the isis process still has problems handling grey value transitions and sharpness on fine art papers so I think we can take some comfort for a while that this market still has a lot of work to do. Commercially however It's here and if your in the commercial market and not up to speed I hope your ready for retirement!