First let me apologize to Clay for coming on so strong. My stand on densimeters goes back to last spring when we were discussing them in many many threads. But this thread was not started about densimeters or staining developers as it has been calimed I did it for.

Next let me quote myself:

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Since this term was blasted as not being valid and not to be found or heard of, I searched for the term on the web where I had first encountered it. Well last night when I was reading Steve Anchells "Darkroom Cookbook" I came across it again. PG. 79 half way down the page, where in big black letters it says NOTE you will find it in the next paragraph talking about old emulsions. Though this was in reference to paper, it also has been used in other publications (given time I will find them) that yes silver rich as a term, deals with old emulsion films too. Probably in the same book!
Again as in the second post in this thread did I mention at any time who, or where? I belong to three different on line photography forums. I also tend to hang out off the net with photographers. some of those same photographers are on this forum. Next if I felt the need to answer one person in another thread, I am sure that my history on this site will speak for itself. I would not have hesitated to have answered that other thread right then and on that thread itself! I am not what you call shy or retiring in my opinions. So to take this thread that was just AGAIN VERIFYING THE TERM EXISTS and making it into a vendetta like thing is absurd. Did I mention staining developers in THIS thread? Did I mention any names or try to pull any other person directly into this thread as being party to some other thread? NOOOO!!!!!!!! I do take issue to the way that this has disuintegrated from the original start of THIS thread to one that has nothing to do with what I said. No one knows what I think unless I say it specifically!

Jorge you did well In the most adult response to bring it back to a more sane outlook. As for being caught in a crossfire of another discussion? well that other discussion was not here until it got distorted. This thread was simply a thread to say yes the term exists and is out there in pulbications.

no one wins the toenail clippers!

Now if you all will exucse me, I refuse to have my name further used to make it look like I was saying or doing something I did not do. It's been well over 30 years since I was in Jr. High and around this kind of discussion.