While this last post of yours has been a most eloquent statement of your position. I would appreciate, for the standpoint of a further peaceful relationship in this forum, if you would care to elaborate on the basis of your original post to this thread.

I have taken the liberty of copying and posting that post below. Since you made allegations of certain actions and words/statements made in your original post, I would really appreciate it if you would give me/us a place that we can look for that this supposed blasting and statement(s) were made. Had you not broached the subject yourself I would not be asking for a further explanation. I think that this is fair in the interest of maintaining a peaceful and coexistant community. Fair enough?

Initial post

"Since this term was blasted as not being valid and not to be found or heard of, I searched for the term on the web where I had first encountered it. Well last night when I was reading Steve Anchells "Darkroom Cookbook" I came across it again. PG. 79 half way down the page, where in big black letters it says NOTE you will find it in the next paragraph talking about old emulsions. Though this was in reference to paper, it also has been used in other publications (given time I will find them) that yes silver rich as a term, deals with old emulsion films too. Probably in the same book!"[/b]

Aggies response to responses to initial post

To discount it out of hand and to say from the orginal thread that it does not exist and is a made up term, was reason for saying yes this term does exist.